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Running Android Apps Full Screen on Galaxy Tab

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You've probably noticed that there are apps that don’t scale to full screen.  Thankfully the guys at jkkmobile.com have some instructions (video tutorial below) on how to enjoy your favorite apps that aren't yet optimized for Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 7-inch screen in full screen mode.

Here is a summary of the steps outlined in the video. Watch it if you still have questions.

  • Grab the “Spare Parts” app from the Android Market and install it. 
  • Start the “Spare Parts”  app and scroll down to “Compability Mode”. de-select the box and re-select it. Restart your tablet.
  • Start the “Spare Parts” again, go down to “Compatibility Mode” and de-select the box. Restart your tablet.

Good luck, your smaller apps should now be scaled to full-screen!


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