Friday, Jan 19th

Last update07:45:07 AM GMT

Galaxy Tab Price Drop in USA!

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We've seen several price drops of the Samsung Galaxy Tab outside the USA where the price started very high. Now it seems Verizon is going to drop the price of the Tab by $100 and even get recent purchasers a chance at a partial refund. We can probably suspect other carriers to follow. The Tab is a great device at $400-500, but the $600+ price tag has deterred people from leaving the Apple store without the iPad :)

The interesting question is what price point wil the Wi-Fi only version of the Tab debut at?  The initial rumors were that it would be $100 less than carrier tablets which could make it a very attractive $399. If that happened the Tab would really put the pressure on the other $300 Android tablets!

Source: Mobile Burn

What do you think? Think a $399 Galaxy Tab will be on the horizon at Best Buy in the next 4-6 weeks?