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How do I take a screenshot with Galaxy Tab?
Sunday, 28 November 2010 00:43
Don't worry about buying an app or rooting your phone, it's built in! While on the view you'd like to screenshot press the "back" key at the bottom and then click the "power" button on the side. If you do it right the Tab will vibrate and create a picture for you in a folder called "Screen Capture" on your SD card. just open up the "My Files" app to find it.
Galaxy Tab 10.1 Unboxing!
12 June 2011, 02.45
Galaxy Tab 10.1 Unboxing!
While many think the Motorola Xoom has more to offer I think the Galaxy Tab 10.1 will be w winner. Like the original Tab I think this new Tab price will drop a bit and set it as a price/function winner.
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Galaxy Tab 8.9 Sneak Peak Video
04 May 2011, 03.27
Galaxy Tab 8.9 Sneak Peak Video
Someone managed to get some hands-on time with the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9. This new version of the Tab was announced a few months ago at CTIA 2011. I think this could be the perfect size, I find
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Honeycomb on the Original Galaxy Tab
Yup, we are getting closer to having "the latest" Google OS on our sweet 7" Tab. Someone has been hard at work at both a clean build using the SDK and a "dirty" build from another device's ROM (Hmmm...
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