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Samsung Galaxy Tab FAQ | Troubleshooting & Help

Welcome to the Galaxy Tab FAQ! We've scour the net so you don't have to. We hope you find what you are looking for in the Galaxy Tab FAQ, but if you don't post in the forums and another owner is likely to be able to assist! If you have a great item to add to the FAQ post it in the suggestions forum.

Galaxy Tab FAQ Categories

Galaxy App Questions

  • How can you play Facebook games on the Galaxy Tab?

    Most of them will work but probably not in the default browser. Grab "Dolphin HD" browser from the market since it has a way to trick web sites into thinking you are on a desktop computer. Open Dolphin, then open menu and select "More". Open Settings and go to "User Agent" in the Dolphin Settings section and change it from "Android" to "Desktop".

  • How do I get the Galaxy Tab camera to focus better?

    If your pictures are not clear and you are wondering if something is wrong with the Tab you just need to hold the shutter button longer until you hear a beep, that's the point where it has focused on your subject.  The focus works great, you just need to know how to use it :)

  • How can I do Voice Recognition Input on Galaxy Tab for Input

    Yes, and it works pretty well.  Follow these steps to enable it. I think it should have been on by default!

    • Bring up the keyboard by tapping in a text entry area
    • Tap on the "Settings" or "Gear" icon.
    • Tap the "Voice Input" checkbox and return to the keyboard
    • You'll now see a "Microphone" icon near the space bar. Click it and speak your text.
  • How do I take a screenshot with Galaxy Tab?

    Don't worry about buying an app or rooting your phone, it's built in! While on the view you'd like to screenshot press the "back" key at the bottom and then click the "power" button on the side. If you do it right the Tab will vibrate and create a picture for you in a folder called "Screen Capture" on your SD card. just open up the "My Files" app to find it.
  • Do I need a data plan to use the Tab as a GPS device?

    No, Checkout the CoPilot app in the Android Market.  It stores it's maps on the SD card and only uses the GPS, not the cell radio. You use your wi-fi data connection to download the maps. About a $5 investment.

  • What Software comes with the Galaxy Tab?

    The Tab, unlike most Android tablets, comes with access to the Android Marketplace - which is a big deal.  In addition, Samsung has included two special software features, the Social Hub and Daily Briefing. The Social Hub includes social networking integration with social software. Daily Briefing is a news center for your device that includes your news feeds, stock quotes, weather information, calendar appointments, and more.

  • What's the Media Hub?

    The Media Hub is Samsung's online entertainment store that lets you rent and purchase movie and television shows. Samsung's current content partners are somewhat limited, so this offering is going to pale compared to Apple or Amazon's rentalpurchase options.

    All content from the Media Hub is downloaded over Wi-Fi. There is no online streaming through the Hub. Some suspect the "Media Hub" will be coming to its Internet-connect HDTVs.

  • How do I run Android Apps "Full Screen"

    Great Question! You can using a special app from the market. It's a bit silly of a setup, see our tutorial page on this for all the details.

Galaxy Tab Carrier Questions and Issues

Galaxy Tab Device Questions

  • What type of SD card does the Tab use?

    The Samsung Galaxy Tab uses a micro SD or micro SDHC card. The size can be up to 32GB.

    Deals on 32GB MicroSDHC Cards | Deals on 16GB MicroSDHC Cards
  • How do I reset my Galaxy Tab to factory settings/default?

    There are two ways to do it. One is with the keys if the device is "dead", the other way is through the menus.  Click here to read our tutorial on the topic.
  • Are my contacts on the Galaxy Tab stored on the SIM card?

    Yes... BUT only the name, phone number, group, and slot location are typically stored. Some carrier SIM cards may store address. While you can store additional fields to the SIM entry it may not work when you move that SIM to another device.

    IMHO, The best bet is to sync your contacts with a Google account and not rely on the SIM.

  • Do I need to "unmount" the SD card before removing from Tab?

    It's always better to shut down access to the card prior to removal.  By un-mounting the SD card you'll prevent corruption and damage to the SD card.

    • From the Home screen tap on Settings, then SD card and tablet storage.
    • Tap Unmount SD card.
    • When prompted tap "OK".
    • When the “External SD card safe to remove” message is displayed you can  remove the SD card.
  • How do I add Memory to my Galaxy Tab?

    You can add a  micro SD or micro SDHC card to expand available memory space. This also allows you to exchange images, music, and data between SD-compatible devices. Micro SD is the smallest of the SD cards.

    • Find the slot labeled Micro SD and push the cover to the side.
    • Push the microSD card into the slot until it clicks, making sure the microSD’s gold contact pins face downward and the card is securely inserted.
    • If you have problems with the card not wanting to stay in push the card up or down slightly.
  • How do I root my Galaxy Tab?

    Depending on your needs, technical skills, and tolerance for the bleeding edge you may find it valuable to gain root access to your shiny new tablet.  Here are a few articles that detail why you might want to try it. We don't think most users will need to root the device to use and enjoy it.

    Root at your own risk :)  If you want to try it checkout the steps below.

    * Go to the Android Market and download and install Z4Root
    * Enable USB debugging. You can find this @ menu>settings>applications>development.
    * Run the application. Press the "root" button.

    Z4Root may not work the same on all Tab carriers.

  • Can I charge the Galaxy Tab on my Computer?

    No, It will not charge from a computer. You must use the AC charger or a car charger. It will maintain the charge level when connected to your computer, but it will not charge the battery.

  • Where can I buy the Galaxy Tab?

    Many retail outlets like Best Buy and Radio Shack carry the device but you can also pick it up at any of the retail stores of the major carriers that support it (AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, etc)

  • Will there be a wifi-only option?

    Samsung said a Wi-Fi only model of the Galaxy Tab would be coming but currently only the Wi-Fi/3G option is available. If you're looking to avoid a monthly carrier bill you aren't alone but the estimate is early 2011 :(


  • How can I save online videos like YouTube on the Galaxy Tab?

    Easy, Just pre-pend our URL to the front of many online videos. Check out this tutorial for more information.

  • Using XT9 with Galaxy Tab, Possible?

    Yes, XT9 is a "predictive text system" that guesses the next letters and auto-suggests words to make typing on a mobile device easier and you can use it on the Tab.

    • Bring up the keyboard on a text box. Click on the "Settings" or "Gear" logo.
    • Tap the XT9 field. A green checkmark will appear after you tap it.
    • Tap the XT9 advanced settings field to modify XT9 settings if you are looking to modify how it works. You probably won't need to do that.
  • Where is the manual for the Samsung Tab?

    If you go to this link on the Samsung site you can pick your carrier and download the manual.  Most of the basic operations are the same no matter what carrier you use.

    Here are a few of the carriers:

  • How do I get my Headphones to Work with Tab?

    Some people report problems with getting the headphones to work, the problem is you have to firmly push in the headphone plug into the Tab.
  • How do I make phone calls on the Galaxy Tab?

    The US version of the Tab is missing any phone/VOIP features.  You can still do this with Skype, even over 3G.

    • While Skype from Android Market is locked with making calls using WIFI only there is a another version not on the market that allows for calls over 3G (Google Skype .apk, download &  install to the Tab).
    • Sign up Skype if you haven't.  Order an online number  and a subscription plan (runs $8/mo)

    Easy enough. Now if you want to only carry the Tab and use your phone data plan with the Tab forward the phone to the tab, and use your phone SIM card in the Tab (this will not work on all carriers)

  • What Accessories are available?

    Samsung will be offering a keyboard dock for $100 that can charge your device while you type. There is also a desktop dock for $50 that is basically a stand for watching movies or transforming the Tab into an overpriced digital picture frame. The desktop dock also includes an HDMI connection to display up to 1080p from your Galaxy Tab to your TV. There is also a GPS dock cit for $100 to help provide turn-by-turn voice-guided navigation. The car dock attaches to the dashboard or windshield, and displays your device in landscape or portrait mode.

    For a list of accessories from Samsung and third parties check out our Samsung Galaxy Tab Accessory Listing

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